Text by MWB

Anal Prophecy (semigloss)

Colors/Teal (Cabinet Magazine)

Agriculture and Sound: Listening Session as Interview (FluentCollaborative/Mightbegood)

Remark: Deep Throat: Conversation as Review: Deep Throat (1972)

To Read Again: “The Buenos Aires Affair": Book Review as Interview

Fort (Architectural Inventionns: Visionary Drawings)

Night Market (Publication Studio)

Educational Outliers: Anhoek School

Living After Time (Cabinet Magazine)

Slow Dance (Draw It With Your eyes Closed)

XOXO Insanity, Institution (e-flux journal)

Des Plaines Disturbance (Paper Monument)

Andy Warhol's Kiss (might be good)

Thinking Through Images #3 (Triple Canopy)

Things To Do in America (Paper Monument)

Classroom as Ornament (might be good)

The Old Burial Grounds (ausgang)

Everywhere only a touching: Breaking and Entering Richard Serra's pseudo-Bellamy in the South Bronx (Afterall)

The Politics of Tears: The Museum of Useless Efforts (Afterall)

Several Interviews with Visually Impaired Photographers (Aperture)

Ye Midnight Bitches: A Glossary (Art in America)

Biggers' Conundrum (Art in America)

Fire Manifesto (Brooklyn Rail)

The Bull Rider and the Ballerina: Towards a Taxonomy of Falling(Cabinet)

The Thing (Cabinet Magazine)

The Library is on Fire (ctheory)

Eighty Left Feet: Revolutionary Footnotes (the lastperformance.org)

An Interview with Ninjalicious, Editor of Infiltration (loudpaper)

Saigon Zoo: Beauty and the Beast: The Subtropical Architecture of Possession (loudpaper)

The Floridian Conditional (Monsters and Dust)

A Novel in the Form of a Car Bomb (Twitter)

Notes on Passing (Women and Performance)

The Language of Explosion: Documenting the Nuclear Craters in the American West (Women and Performance)

Soundtrack: Neutral (30x30 cm Project)

Dumpster: An Iconography (30x30 cm Project)

Hi Ana / Hi Hannah: from the Fatherland (accompanying text to 2009 work)

Diagramming Ms. Sancha

The Writing of Others

Jace Clayton

Naeem Mohaiemen

Eileen Myles

Jean-Luc Nancy Love and Community: A Roundtable Discussion.

Dr. Jean Oury, an interview with.


Artaud's spells

Charlotte Beradt, The Third Reich of Dreams

Maurice Blanchot, Death Sentence

Anne Carson, Decreation

Eduardo Cadava. (His work on the 'politics of tears' may be found in Cities without Citizens)

Constantine P. Cavafy, The Complete Poems of Cavafy

Catherine Clemente, Syncope: The Philosophy of Rapture

Fernand Deligny

Mladen Dolar, A Voice and Nothing More

Marguerite Duras, Summer Rain, Emily L., The War: A Memoir

William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury

Franz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth (specifically on dreams)

Janet Frame, Daughter Buffalo (out of print)

Adrienne Kennedy, A Lesson in Dead Language

Osip Mandelstaam, The Noise of Time

Agnes Martin, Writings

Robert Musil. The Man Without Qualities and Diaries (1899-1941)

Vance Randolph. Editor and Collector. Ozark Folk Songs

Claudia Rankine, Don't Let Me Be Lonely

Adrienne Rich, The Dream of a Common Language and Dark Fields of the Republic

Cristina Peri Rossi. The Museum of Useless Efforts

Victor Shlovsky, Zoo or Letters Not About Love

Mechal Sobel. The World They Made Together: Black and White Values in 18th Century Virginia

Michael Taussig's essay on Twilight (unpublished)

Xavier Villarutia, Nostalgia for Death & Hieroglyphs of Desire

Joseph Vogl's essay on Hesitation (unpublished)

Monique Wittig, Les Guerilles